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Artwork Edit

Artwork Edits

from $29

Need a quick edit, a small change, or some basic design? Our no-fuss $29 edit always comes to th rescue when you need it the most!

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Logo Design Australia

Logo Design

from $199

Get your new business logo designed exactly as you want!  Designed in Australia, we follow your brief and bring you fresh ideas for your logo and brand.

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Business Card Design - Graphic Design


from $99

New business cards deserve a fresh new design! Check out our branding options for cards, letterheads and stationery.

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Artwork Edit Price

Artwork Proofs from $29

We have a complete guide to preparing your own artwork, but sometimes you just need a Check, Fix and Edit from a professional.

We can edit your artwork from only $29, which is great news if you just need a seemingly simple change to your artwork file!  Minor artwork edits are typically $29 for one proof, and can include a series of minor edits done to the one artwork file at the same time.  Minor artwork edits can include:

What does an Artwork Proof include?2018-05-01T13:04:19+08:00

Order an Artwork Proof and we will check, fix and edit your artwork.  Here is what you can request:

  • Changing type, names and phone numbers

  • Adjusting document sizes, bleeds and margins

  • Special artwork requirements such as 3D-UV

  • Mixing and fixing colour issues, such as spot colours and CMYK

  • Adding, editing or deleting images

  • Minor photo editing

  • Updating branding and layout

If your artwork request will cost more than the basic $29, then you will be quoted upfront so there are no surprises.

Do I need a proof?2018-04-17T10:59:00+08:00

Proofs are Optional

You can order an optional proof when ordering your printing.

“No Proof Required for Print-Ready PDF Artwork” (FREE)

If you are confident that your PDF artwork is “print ready”, and doesn’t need to be checked or fixed, then you may not require a proof.  This option is FREE, and you will not be emailed a proof before printing commences. When choosing this option, we will print the artwork that you provide.

“Check, Fix & Minor Edit – 1 proof ($29 paid on approval)”

For $29 we will check, fix and provide a minor edit to your PDF artwork.   Once we check, fix and edit your artwork as required, we will email you one proof for you to view and approve before we commence printing.  You will be billed $29 once the proof is approved.

Why should you order a proof?

  • You want your PDF artwork checked (and fixed) so it prints correctly.
  • You’re not confident that your artwork has followed all of our Artwork Guidelines.
  • You need a minor edit to your artwork, such as a change in details or layout.
  • You just want to see a preview of how your artwork will look when printed.

What does a “minor edit” include?

  • Changing the name and contact details on a business card.
  • Fixing required specs, such as size, bleed and margins.
  • Adding some extra details to your design.
  • Adjusting the design, layout, colours etc.

If your request for a “minor edit” will cost more than $29, we will provide you with an upfront quote so you can decide whether to proceed with the artwork edit.

Requesting an artwork proof2018-04-17T10:59:29+08:00

Artwork Edit Price

$29 Artwork Proofs

You may request an optional artwork proof when your printing online.  For $29, we will provide:

  1. A check of your artwork specs including format, bleed and margins.
  2. A quick fix of any minor issues in your artwork.
  3. A round of minor edits to your artwork as required, such as change in contact details or edit to the design.
  4. One proofed emailed to you.

Your email proof will show you how your artwork has been edited (if at all), and how your printing will be trimmed.  Our skilled artwork technicians will also comment on any other issues or risks with your supplied artwork, which could save you a costly reprint.

Please note

  • $29 provides 1 proof only, with Check, Fix and Minor Edit for 1 artwork only.  Further edits and changes would require another $29 to be paid for a new proof.
  • Extra sets / kinds of Business Cards (with different names on) would require one proof each, at $29 each.
  • If your artwork requires more work than we can provide with a minor $29 edit, then we will provide you with an upfront quote for extra design work required.

Proofs are optional

You have the option to not receive a proof, if you are confident that your artwork does not require a check, fix or edit.  Be sure to follow our Artwork Guidelines and use our Artwork Templates for the best results.

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Business Cards + Stationery Branding

Business Card Design - Graphic Design
Business Cards Australia


Branding is the process of turning your big idea into something that people can see, touch and experience.  These are some essential branding services we offer:

  • Creative brief template

  • Custom designed in Australia

  • Single or Double-Sided Design included

  • Thoughtfully designed for business

  • 2 email proofs provided

A note about design copyright and artwork release.
Business Card Rebrand

Business Card Rebrand

BYO old design & logo
We will give it a makeover!
2 proofs provided
Full Prepress Setup
Printing Extra

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Business Card Design

Business Card Design

BYO logo
Custom Business Card Design
2 Proofs Provided
Full Prepress Setup
Printing Extra

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Stationery Design

BYO Logo
Custom Designed Stationery Item
2 Proofs Provided
Full Prepress Setup
Printing Extra

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Design and printing are seperate costs. See our printing options for Business Cards and Stationery.

Layout Design, Graphic Design

Layout Design

Our layout design is fast and precise! Get a custom quote for your project. We can design:

  • Marketing Flyers, Brochures and Postcards

  • Annual Reports and Year Books

  • Prospectuses and Reports

  • Catalogues and Magazines

  • Any document large or small

Brochure Design

Flyer / Postcard Design
$220 estimate

Double-sided Design
3 Proofs Provided
Full Prepress Setup
Printing Extra

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Layout Design, Graphic Design

Brochure / Folder Design
$330 estimate

4 Printed Pages Design
2 proofs provided
Full Prepress Setup
Printing Extra

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Annual Report Design

8 Page Brochure / Report
$660 estimate

Custom Design
3 Proofs Provided
Full Prepress Setup
Printing Extra

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