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Project Description

NCR – No Carbon Required

Carbonless copy books are perfect for businesses on the go. Write-up quotations, estimates, orders, invoices and receipts easily, with duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate copies.  Carbonless books are also a perfect solution for printing custom raffle books, and any print job that requires instant copies of hand-written information or hand-drawn diagrams.

Invoice / Order
NCR Books

Receipt / Raffle
NCR Books

Quote / Estimate
NCR Books

Book Size
(50 pages / book)
5 books
(250 pages)
10 books
(500 pages)
DL Duplicate 210 x 99mm $154 $187
DL Triplicate 210 x 99mm $176 $231
A5 Duplicate 148 x 210mm $154 $209
A5 Triplicate 148 x 210mm $187 $253
A4 Duplicate 210 x 297mm $182 $248
A4 Triplicate 210 x 297mm $215 $303
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Duplicate Books

Instant Price

Duplicate Books

  • Red Numbering

  • Perforated pages

  • Quarter Binding

  • 50 per book

  • Free Delivery for all NCR!

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Our NCR Books Include

  • Tough 600gsm Croc-Skin Cover (Blue, Green, Grey or Red)

  • Sequential numbering (Red ink)

  • Top pages perforated for easy tear-out

  • Last page not perforated, to keep in the book

  • Choice of coloured paper stocks
    (Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow)

  • Strong staple & quarter-binding (tape on spine)

  • 50 sets of invoices per book

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Easy + Free Templates

Design your own invoice book artwork using our Easy + Free templates. Customise the design however you like using Google Docs, Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator, and save your final artwork as a PDF. Read more artwork guidelines below.

Read Artwork Guidelines

Preparing your artwork

If you are preparing your own artwork for printing, please follow our printing guidelines.  We also have blank templates in Adobe formats for you to download.

  • Single PDF artwork file

  • CMYK colour

  • 3mm bleeds, 3mm margins

  • 300dpi resolution

  • The cheapest way to print is with black / greyscale, in which case you should remove all the colours from your artwork.  The numbering will always be printed in red ink.
  • Leave a space for where the numbering will be on the page.  Also provide a separate file to show the placement of the red numbering on each page. Use the starting number (eg 0001) as an example.
  • Allow for a 15mm margin on the side of the page where the perforation will be.

For a comprehensive guide to preparing your NCR artwork, and artwork templates available in Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Adobe Illustrator please read our Artwork Guidelines.

Artwork Specs & Templates

Design Services

We have professional design and branding services in house!  From minor artwork edits to major brand overhauls, tell us about your design requirements.

Design Services

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What information do I need to print on my invoices?2017-11-17T08:59:11+08:00

In Australia, the ATO will guide you as to what your invoices require. Read more at the Australian Taxation Office.

How do I work out numbering for my NCR books?2017-11-17T08:56:18+08:00

All you need to tell us is the starting number of your NCR books, for example “001”, or “251”.  We will take care of the rest, and print sequential numbering on the rest of the pages, eg 002, 003, 004.  Your invoice and proof will also confirm the starting number.  We also have a record of your last set of printed NCR books, to help you work out which number to start from with your next printed batch of books.

Can I add extra perforations or numbering to each page?2017-11-17T08:50:34+08:00

Each page of your NCR books comes with 1 standard perforation, so you can easily tear out a page. Extra perforations are available for an extra fee from $60. If you are aiming to tear out multiple invoices or receipts off each page, please note you may also need extra numbering for each slip, also available for an extra fee from $60.

Can I print on the back of each page?2017-11-17T08:43:09+08:00

Yes you can print on the back of your NCR pages, such as terms and conditions.  There is an extra cost, but it does allow you extra space to print often lengthy terms and conditions.  Some businesses prefer to print a link to their terms and conditions online, to save printing, and to keep their terms updated online. Please note that printing on the back of the page can show through to the front side, so follow our artwork guidelines to minimise this effect.

Can I print full colour invoice books?2017-11-17T08:38:50+08:00

Yes you can, however the print cost for full colour invoice books is usually more than most businesses can accept.  To keep the printing cost down, print in black & white (or greyscale), or choose a single spot colour (Pantone colour).  If full colour NCR books will help your business, ask us for a quote.

Do I need different books for my quotes, invoices and receipts?2017-11-17T08:35:53+08:00

You can print separate books for your quotations, invoices and receipts.  This keeps your quotes, invoices, receipts and other forms neatly separated in separate books.

To save some extra cost of printing, you can combine some forms in the one book. For example, you could write up a quotation that becomes an official invoice once the customer accepts the quote. The same piece of paper could also serve as a receipt once paid. It’s all in the wording used on the page. See our free templates.

How many invoices per book?2017-11-17T08:27:35+08:00

The standard NCR book has 50 invoices (or receipts/quotes), plus the copies per book.

  • 5 books = 250 invoices
  • 10 books = 500 invoices
  • 20 books = 1,000 invoices

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