Business cards have so many choices and options nowadays. What is the best business card choice for your Australian business?

These are our top tips for choosing and printing your business cards for your Australian business.  There are surprisingly hundreds of variables to consider when printing business cards, but this list will simplify your choice for you.

Business Card Price

First of all, if you’re bootstrapping your business, then the price of your business cards may be the most important factor.  Let’s not fuss around then, let’s look at your price options:

Professional Business Cards

Business Card

Our Professional range of business cards include our standard and economy options.  What’s the cheapest you ask? Let’s start with our professional standard card stock, which has a decent weight of 360gsm.

Business Card - Economy

250 x EC1 Cards for $40
These EC “Economy Classy” business cards are brilliant.  Quality, spot-on full colour print on standard 360gsm stock. The card stock is thick, not flimsy at all, and has a low-sheen semi-gloss on suitable for writing on.  This and all prices include GST and delivery Australia wide, so that’s a solid price!

Business card - budget

250 x EC2 Cards for $45
Like the business cards above, these Economy Classy cards are full colour on two sides. These budget business cards have square corners only.

Business Card with Matte Celloglaze

250 x MC2 Cards for $70
For a little bit of extra coin, you can go for the MC2 business cards, which have a silky matte celloglaze laminated on both sides.  These pro business cards also have the free option of rounded corners on all four sides.  This is one of the most popular choices of what the trade prints.

Business Card Premium

There are many more printing options for business cards, and the price goes up for extra features and Premium Cards. Read more below.


If you’re conscious about sustainability, and your business brand is tapped into this ethos, then consider using a recycled stock for your business cards.

Eco Business Cards

Business cards with recycled stock

Eco Business cards

250 x RC2 Cards for $ These Eco Business Cards are printed on a 100% Recycled Stock, and the result is beautiful!  The stock comes up smooth and white, with a smooth papery texture.  The white card stock can be further embellished with natural tones for that extra earthy look.

Business card design

Read more about Eco Business Cards.

That Wow Factor

Your brand may need that wow factor in it’s business cards, and you’ve come to the right place for that!  Checkout these premium business card options:

Premium Business Cards

Spot UV Business Cards

3DUV Business cards

250 x 3D-UV Cards for $ 3D-UV is a raised spot-gloss varnish on top of your business cards, which highlight and embellish your design with a tactile finish you can feel with your fingers.

Scodix Business Cards

Checkout our range of Premium Business Card options.

More Printing Products

Want to print something different? Send us your ideas!