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Our printing press eats multiple page booklets and brochures for breakfast!  It’s never been easier for you to print booklets – see our artwork guide for more information on preparing your own artwork.

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Portrait or Landscape


Portrait (vertical) booklets have the stitching and spine on the long edge. Portrait orientation is standard for most magazines, and is perfect for text and images.


Landscape (horizontal) booklets have their stitching and spine on the short edge. The pages spread open a lot wider this way, and are perfect for large photos and a non-standard format.

Stitching & Binding

Saddle Stitching
8pp – 64pp

Saddle-stitching uses staples (typically two) to bind the pages on the spine.  This is an economical option for booklets as small as 8 pages up to 64 pages, in multiples of 4 pages. Saddle Stitching can produce a “bowing” effect in the centrefold of booklets with thick stock or more pages. Get an instant price for your saddle-stitched booklets at the top of this page.

Perfect Binding
40pp – 240pp

Perfect binding creates a flat spine for your booklets, using glue rather than staples to bind the pages together.  Perfect Binding is perfect for magazines and thick booklets from 40 to 240 pages, in multiples of 2 pages. Get an instant price for your perfect-bound booklets at the top of this page.

Spiral Binding
8pp – 100pp

Spiral Binding uses a spiral wire to bind pages into a booklets such as reports, notepads and calendars.

Not yet available in our Instant Quote form, please contact us for a quote.

Self Cover or Plus Cover

Saddle-stitched booklets can have a “self-cover” or a “plus cover”.

Use our Instant Price form at the top of this page to calculate the cost of your booklets, whether they have a “self cover” or “plus cover”. Both options ask you for the total number of printed pages (PP) including the front & back cover pages.

Self Cover

“Self cover” means that all the pages of your booklet, including the cover are the same print, stock and finish. For example your booklet may have 130gsm gloss stock throughout the booklet, including the front & back cover.  This option is usually cheaper than a “plus cover”.

Plus Cover

You can choose a “plus cover” for your printed booklets, where the front and back cover pages use a different stock and finish. For example, your booklet may have 130gsm gloss stock on the inside “text” pages, but a thicker 360gsm card cover. A “plus cover” also lets you choose different printing options (colour vs black ink) and laminating options for the cover.

Number of Pages

The type of stitching or binding of your booklets can affect how many pages you can print. Use our Instant Quote form at the top of this page to see the options available to you, and what the price will be.

Saddle Stitching

  • Printed pages in multiple of four, eg 8pp, 12pp, 16pp, 20pp to 64pp.

Perfect Binding

  • Printed pages in multiples of two, eg 40pp, 42pp, 44pp, 48pp – 240pp.

Folded Flyers

If your printing only requires a single sheet of paper that is folded, then we consider this a “flat sheet” flyer and not a “multiple-page” booklet. We have a number of folding and scoring options for flat sheet flyers including trifolds and bifold flyers. Browse folded flyers and brochures.

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Preparing your artwork

If you are preparing your own artwork to print business cards, please follow our artwork specs. We have a full list of specs, and blank templates to download in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop formats. Our basic artwork specs require:

  • PDF artwork file

  • CMYK colour

  • 3mm bleeds, 3mm margins

  • 300dpi resolution

Special Instructions for Booklets

Your artwork for printing booklets must be a single PDF with each printed page represented by one page in your PDF.  For example, an 8pp booklet will need PDF artwork with 8 pages. Do not be concerned whether “page 1” will be on the same sheet as “page 8”; just provide all of the pages in order in a single PDF.

Artwork Specs & Templates

Design Services

We have professional design and branding services in house!  From minor artwork edits to major brand overhauls, tell us about your design requirements.

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